Our Values

Who are we?

JXT is the number one provider of cloud-based digital marketing solutions for recruiters and corporate recruiters. More than 500 recruiter organisations trust JXT to help them market their jobs, brands and unique value proposition. With such a sizable install base, JXT has gained deep insights into what recruiters need to achieve success. Every day, thousands of clients log on to our digital marketing platform to accomplish their business goals. With the JXT professional services team supporting and guiding them, these recruiters and corporate recruiters use modern technologies in the most effective way possible.

What is our mission?

JXT’s mission is to equip every recruiter on the planet with the technology tools and professional services they need to achieve their business goals faster, more efficiently and with higher profits.

Who do we serve?

JXT serves recruiters and corporate recruiters. The recruiters we serve include small, medium-sized and large recruitment organisations. These companies are in the business of helping their clients find, vet and select the best possible talent. The corporate recruiters we serve are usually part of the human resources function at their companies. Corporate recruiters are also in the business of finding, vetting and selecting the staff their organisations need.